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Communicating with the Monitoring Station

When communicating with the Monitoring Station please follow this procedure:

Keep your System Number and applicable Password or Pass Code confidential. If you need information about the proper use and operation of your alarm system, call Advanced Alarms Ltd.

Testing Alarm System

You should be testing your alarm system at least once a month or if you are uncertain whether or not your alarm system is functioning properly.  To do this call the Monitoring Station (using procedure from above) and and ask them to put your system in test.  You should then arm your system and set off your zones to send a signal to the station.  You should then confirm the signals you sent to the monitoring station. Should there be a problem with your alarm system please contact Advanced Alarms Ltd. directly for service.

Canceling Dispatch

If you have created a false alarm at your premise please contact the monitoring station at the phone number on your Emergency Response Card, to inform them that you do not need an emergency response (see Cancel Code/Signal below). If you did not cause the alarm, do not cancel the dispatch till you verify the reason for the alarm.  While verifying the alarm, should you find a reason for emergency response, please ensure your safety and then call 911 or your Fire, Police, Ambulance numbers direct yourself.

What is a cancel code/signal?

A Cancel Code/Signal allows you as a user of Advanced Alarms Ltd. Monitoring Services to disarm your Alarm System with your confidential code immediately after having set off a false alarm. Disarming requires a confidential code, the alarm panel may then send a cancel code/signal to the monitoring station, and as a result the receipt of a Cancel Code/Signal tells the Monitoring Station that an authorized person is at the premises, the alarm is false, and no further action is required. This cancel code/signal may only work with burglary signals.

The Cancel Code/Signal is a tool used by us to reduce false alarms. It saves the customer the embarrassment of receiving a phone call from the Monitoring Station, and will also prevent the possibility of a dispatch of Emergency Services vehicles.

Warning: If your alarm sounds at night while you are sleeping do not react by turning off your alarm system. By turning off your alarm system you may send a Cancel Code/Signal to the monitoring station and we will automatically assume the alarm is false. Before entering your confidential code, cautiously determine out what caused the alarm.

Advanced Alarms Ltd. has provided my family with not only exceptional service, but also piece of mind within our home.

- Greg M, 2011