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- Greg M, 2011

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Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (U.L.C.) is an independent product safety testing, certification and inspection organization. They have tested products for public safety for 90 years and are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

Advanced Alarms Ltd. is listed with U.L.C. and can provide, upon request a U.L.C. certificates for both commercial burglary and/or fire signalling systems. Your system will need to be designed and built to U.L.C. Standards for a certificate to be issued.  U.L.C. responsibility is that of a third party verification service to ensure that Advanced Alarms Ltd. has met all installation standards as outlined by their standards.   U.L.C. will inspect your system to verify it meets their standards.

A U.L.C. Certificate is usually requested by your insurance company or the fire department.

Not all alarm companies can provide a U.L.C. Certificate.  Ask them for their U.L.C. number and listings.  This can be confirmed with U.L.C.