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To change your Call List or Emergency Response Card you should contact our office directly.  Only authorized personnel are allowed to make changes. Emergency Response Cards should also be issued to anyone who has a key for the premise, whether you want them phoned for alarm signals or not.

In order to help us at Advanced Alarms Ltd. serve you better, please email us at admin@advancedalarmsltd.com or call 416 238 6857 to provide us with any new information or changes to your account. Please keep us informed of:

Please give all new users thorough instructions on how to arm and disarm your alarm system. Each authorized user must know his or her confidential password and the Monitoring Station phone number so that he/she can call to cancel a false alarm. If someone is to be deleted from your list, please be sure to inform Advanced Alarms Ltd. and also to remove his or her user code from the alarm panel.

To print your own Emergency Response Cards download this file.