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Do you believe that your home or office is equipped with an effective security system? What if the first thing the intruder does is to cut-off the phone line? Your phone lines are usually located outside the premise and many burglars now cut the phone lines before breaking in. The alarm signal cannot go to the central monitoring station or the emergency response team if the phone line is not operational. Or what if the phone line genuinely fails for some technical reason? You cannot leave all of this to chance!

The GSM Radios can act as both a fail-safe measure in the event of the phone line not functioning and also as a second level of backup and defense against regular technical failures or maintenance shutdowns. The GSM radio can communicate wirelessly with the monitoring station and functions even when the phone lines are down.

Here is why you should go for a GSM radio back-up for alarm Line Cut Protection:  

(Other back-up options are also available).