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If your world has become the world of "numbers of people serviced" over a given amount of time, then Centre Traffic Statistics is your measuring stick.

Whether you are a hospital, airport, shopping center, library, or retail establishment, you need to know how many people came in through your doors and compare that to the number you serviced.

Once you have that information you can calculate your "sell-through" percentage, determine your peak hours for better staffing and even whether or not a promotion you had provided the increase in traffic that you were looking for.  Budget constraints, Centre Traffic Statistics can provide you with the statistical proof of what is actually happening.

Centre Traffic Statistics is the brains behind the brawn, Advanced Alarms Ltd.  Innovative, leading-edge hardware solutions do the work, while Centre Traffic Statistics affords you the ability to understand what is going on, hour by hour, day by day, week by week and year by year, all automatically.  Your only function is to produce the reports, and that is it; simple and elegant.


Data Gathering - daily, weekly or monthly

Monitors - up to 100 entrances

Reports - be entrance, by day, by week, by month or year

Functions - without human intervention

Operates - on all Microsoft® Windows™ operating systems, including Vista™

Executive Summary

Monthly Overview

Ranking by Entrance

Traffic Picture by Day

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